What makes our approach to business coaching stand out?

Business Coaching that is the question…  What makes our approach to business coaching stand out when compared with that of our competitors?  I am frequently asked the question and the short answer is our client-centred approach.  That sounds easy enough. However, given the collaborative nature of our approach, the question also warrants a detailed answer.



Our approach to business coaching process is focussed on the needs of the client, not one that raises the profile of the business coach.


We have an appreciation of the power of the brain and use that knowledge to empower clients to maximize their capacity.


Our clients are given adequate time and space to think and this leads them to be most creative with the solutions needed to achieve the goals they have set themselves.


We appreciate that our clients are much more capable than they would give themselves credit for; therefore we facilitate greater awareness to achieve more innovative outcomes.


We respect that our clients are intelligent enough to make this own decisions. Therefore rather than tell them what to do, we use appropriate tools and techniques to leverage their untapped capability to inform their decision making.


In addition to being formally trained as Business Coach, we acquired significant entrepreneurial and corporate experience; as a result we are well placed to respond to the various needs of our clients.

In practice, our approach to business coaching means the client remains in control. Unlike other approaches, the client chooses which route he or she should take on their journey towards achieving their goal. The coach is there as the co-pilot interpreting the road map and supporting the client to develop strategies to overcome the obstacles that may arise on their journey.

This approach provides the client with the confidence that he or she a greater chance of successfully achieving their goal or goals.  They do this with the knowledge that their Business Coach is their capable and non-judgemental business companion who has their best interest at heart.

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