• EXECUTIVE COACHING – Executive Coaching is an executive specific interaction used to facilitate thought, challenge and actions required to support the busy executive to deliver time sensitive results. Your term of appointment is very short, however your reward is linked to long-term success; it is therefore critical for you to ‘hit the ground running’. On account of the fact that you do not have the luxury of time, you need to develop and implement successful business solutions in a short time frame. Executive Coaching provides a confidential, challenging and independent forum in which to develop, shape, and reshape your strategies before putting them into effect. In this way, you increase your chances of achieving the success you anticipate.


  • BUSINESS COACHING – Business Coaching is a client-centered process used to facilitate creative outcomes in respect of matters associated with strategic leadership and management of a business.  For example, you may have a range of questions associated with your business. Should you seize the business opportunity that has been presented to you ? Should you accept the offer for a merger? Should you cut your losses and restructure the business now or later?  Should you invest in research and development so that you are well placed to respond when the economic tide turns?  Should you invest in the latest technology so that you stand out from your competitors?  Alternatively, you may be thinking about effective use of resources.  Do you have the correct company structure in place to facilitate the successful execution of the business goals? Does your leadership team have the skills and competence needed to successfully execute the business strategy? If you are in this position, Business Coaching provides a non-judgmental and constructively challenging environment in which to explore the endless possibilities before you make and execute your decisions.
  • CAREER COACHING – Career Coaching is a supportive yet constructively challenging interaction with you and your coach.  Its primary purpose is to provide you with the insight and confidence needed to make decisions regarding your present or future career options.  Your requirement for Career Coaching may arise as a result of influences over which you have no control such as merger, restructuring or liquidation of your company or organization.  Alternatively, this may be due to the fact that your current career no longer has the challenge it once did, or you are pursuing the right career but you are currently in the wrong job. Using a range of tools and drawing on our wealth of experience, we provide valuable insights to inform your short and/or long-term decisions regarding your career.
  • LEADERSHIP COACHING – Leadership Coaching is designed to meet the ongoing professional development needs of the leader. Given the extent of your technical knowledge and experience, your development need is unique when compared with that of other leaders. You might be seeking to achieve a better balance between decisions made with your ‘heart as opposed to your head’, be more influential at board meetings, convey your vision with passion and a sense of urgency or effectively manage your relationship with a challenging work colleague or client. One thing is certain, your need is unlikely to be adequately resourced by attendance at conferences or training courses. Leadership Coaching offers a custom made solution for your specific need; it provides an environment in which you can give attention to those areas of development that have the potential to undermine your influence. Overall, whatever your requirement, we provide a non-judgmental, confidential and constructively challenging environment in which to inspire you to achieve your personal and/or strategic goals. You will find this experience to be invigorating and will leave each session ready to take on your next adventure.